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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

  • Why build with ICF instead of a traditional wood frame?
    ICF has several benefits over traditional wood framing, some of them include: The steel reinforced concrete core provides superior strength and durability, along with fire and storm resistance compared to wood. It is easier to maintain a comfortable climate throughout the home as insulation is continuous and consistent around the entire home. ICF is typically made from 100% recycled polypropylene vastly reducing construction waste and your home’s carbon footprint. ICF requires less maintenance over time, saving you the expense and effort of continuous upkeep. ICF homes require significantly less energy to heat and cool due to a lack of thermal bridging and insulation gaps saving you money on your heating/cooling bills year after year Pest resistance naturally occurs due to the durability of this solid form of construction. Want to learn more? Contact us, we would be happy to help you further understand how ICF is the superior choice for your project.
  • How does the cost of building with ICF compare?
    While the build cost using ICF might be slightly higher than with other materials, the efficiency of install can save you money by reducing labour costs. In addition to that, the superior insulating properties of ICF greatly reduces your ownership costs year after year.
  • Are there limits to the structural design of my new home?
    ICFs offer great versatility and can accommodate most of today’s popular design features including curved walls, large window openings, high ceilings and more!
  • Will it be difficult for sub-contractors and trades to do their work on an ICF build?
    No, we have worked with many sub-contractors over the years. While installing your plumbing, electrical, and interior framing might look a bit different, the process is not difficult.
  • What about indoor air quality?
    ICF walls are barriers against allergens, including mold and mildew, because virtually no air or moisture passes through. Because of this though, proper ventilation is necessary to ensure fresh air is replenished and maintained.
  • I still have questions, how can I learn more?
    Still have questions? Please contact us at 519-276-8442 or so we can help you further understand the benefits of ICF.
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Comparing ICF vs Wood Framing

Why would you build with wood when the benefits of building with ICFs are endless? Learn more about ICF from this article from Nudura.

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